Welcome to Kaiki no Reiniku, my site to Star Ocean.  The primary focus is Star Ocean 2/EX, though I will touch on the others as needed. ^^

Note that browsing this site entails that there WILL be spoilers throughout for the game (and anime, but if you've played the game, that won't matter) in this site.  If this botehrs you, feel free to leave.  ^^  (Links section will be spoiler-free!)

Updates: [Past Updates]

04.02.11 :: Okay - should hopefully handle hotlink issues.  Also, new layout coming eventually soon. In better, other news, comes the fantastical news of the Star Ocean: EX sketchbook scans! They're over in Anime, and clearly linked to the "gallery" ... ony 13 so far, but they'll come in small batches as time permits.